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Udyam Registration Certificate

Do you want to enjoy the unlimited benefits of MSMED Acts? If you are a small, micro or medium size company, then get ready to make the best of the incentives offered by the act. The enterprises which are a part of MSME are considered as the backbone of the country, and this is one of the notable reasons for why MSME registration holds so much importance to Bid Tenders. Tenderbidding will help you with the registration of the MSME registration certificates.

The registration criteria are very simple. First of all the enterprise looking for the MSME registration must have a minimum investment of 10 crores in plant and machinery in the manufacturing sector. While in the service sector the investment should be less than five crores in plant and machinery. Likewise, there are other MSME registration criteria with regard to micro and medium enterprises.

If you are not aware of the procedure of the MSME registration certificate to Bid Government Tenders or Bid tenders of n procure then don’t worry. Just get in touch with the team of Tenderbidding. Our team will help you with the documents required and eligibility criteria. While filling the application form, you need to just go through the instruction listed on it. It is because there is a requirement to submit any number of documents while doing the registration of MSME. If the application fits all the criteria and there is no correction required, then you will get the MSME registration certificate immediately. If you are expecting a physical copy of MSME certificate, then there is nothing like that as the government is much focused to bring in the paperless work. So, here you will get the softcopy of the MSME registration certificate and it will be acceptable for Tender bidding.

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