Haryana Eprocurement

Department Name Haryana Eprocurement
Department Website haryanaeprocurement.gov.in
About Department It is Single E-Procurement Portal like N Procure where in various department of Haryana government publish their requirement in the form of Tender and have more than 150 departments.
What is Tender Bidding? • We Provide Tender Filling Service for Haryana Eprocurement
• We Provide Tender Bidding Service for Haryana Eprocurement
• We Provide Tender Uploading Service for Haryana Eprocurement
• We Provide Digital Signature Certificate Used for Haryana Eprocurement
• We Provide Free Tender Information Service for Haryana Eprocurement
• We Provide Vendor Registration for Haryana Eprocurement
What tenderbidding.com does? To participate in the Tenders of Haryana Eprocurement, we at tenderbidding.com assist/helps in :
• Vendor Registration in portal.
• Provide short summary by thoroughly studying tender document for your interested tender and you do not have to go through all tender documents.
• Preparation of Pre-Bid Query or any query related to tender and for Pre-Bid Meeting we also assist you how to represent your queries and your company in department.
• Document preparation for tender submission.
• Complete bidding process starting from Tender study to Tender Bid Successfully.
• Resolve the post bid query from department.
• If require we also assist in communication with department for Purchase Order related work.
Documents required for Vendor Registration To do vendor registration on Haryana Eprocurement we tenderbidding.com require following documents:
1- Company profile/ brochure.
2- Company registration certificate / Incorporation Certificate / Partnership Deep / Gumastadhara.
3- MSME / SSI Certificate/ Udhyog Adhar.
4- Company Pan Card
5- Company GST
6- Company ISO Certificate if available.
7- MOA & AOA if available.
8- ESIC if available.
9- EPF if available.
10- Audited CA certificate with turnover and Income tax return balance sheet, profit and loss statement of last 3 years
11- Power of attorney for signing tender documents. (if available)
12- Cancel Cheque.
About DSC by www.tenderbidding.com To bid tender online for Haryana Eprocurement, we at tenderbidding.com also provide Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) which is mandatory for Bidding Tender Online and our DSC will support for all E – Tenders where tenderer wants to bid tender.